You need to know more? About how the dinosaurs died, or about How the Dinosaurs Died? Because i'm not a lot of help on the former.

In the beginning...

c.w. comics started in April 2006. I had some drawings in my notebook, and my brother said, "Hey, why not make them a webcomic?" So i did, and thus This is: was born. At the time, i didn't really know what other comics i'd be doing, but i knew i didn't want to do This is: forever, so instead of registering thisis.comicgenesis.com i registered cwcomics.comicgenesis.com.

During the beginning of This is: i did a little 24 hour comic sort of thing called Hello, My Name Is _____. It went over well, and i knew i wanted to be doing more of that sort of thing. There was a problem though. This is: took a lot of time to do. Sure, it was easy to draw, but it was hard to write - not to mention the connections took a bit of time to keep track of. As time went on, i found that any ideas i had for other comics got pushed aside to keep This is: updating regularly, and i didn't like it. Thankfully, by that time i was fairly close to my goal, and finishing up This is:.

One fateful evening...

One night at a party after having some punch with was too much sugar or something, i was doodling on a piece of paper. For some reason, i got on the idea of dinoaurs, and drew a very small and crappy version of HtDD #1. It sat around a while, and i decided to re-draw it as a sort of vote incentive. The voting never got off the ground, but i released the comic anyway. A funny thing happened though - i kept thinking of other amusing ways the dinoaurs could have died. I drew them up, and put them in the other comics section. Lo and behold, a few people wrote, and they found them highly amusing.


This is: was coming to a close, and i knew i wanted to keep myself drawing, but i didn't want a project that would take up all my time for other projects like This is: did in the end. So i cut the updates to once a week, and started doing How the Dinosaurs Died. Hopefully this time i'll be able to put up more extra comics.

So how did they really die?

In all honesty, i'm not sure. Palentology amuses me to an extent - it's a fascinating field with a lot of smart people working in it. That being said, there's a lot of guessing going on - granted, it's very educated guessing - but there has to be if you're only finding a bone or two of an animal.

I'm not doing any research on the matter, because quite frankly you're getting your information from the about page of a comic. Seriously, read a book or something. That being said, here's what i can remember.

There are a few theories on the mass extinction event. First, you've got the asteroid that hit near the Yucatan peninsula - throws ash into the air, starts massive fires, kills everything. Then there's the idea that an ice age killed them. In fact, it wouldn't have to be too icy an age, seeing how the climate back then was much more humid and very hot. There's also an idea that dinosaurs were already dying out, not because of a sudden ice age, but because of more subtle climate change. I don't like the asteroid theory, because it doesn't seem reasonable that an impact could do what is generally depicted, what with coulds of ash blotting out the sun for months over the entire earth (and i think i have a few people on my side). Personally, i'd bet it was a combination of factors. Sure, the asteroid didn't exactly help the dinosaur situation, but they might have been on their way out already, and whatever the asteroid missed the ice age hit.