This is: an author's note.
This is: was a small 'comic' i started in April of 2006. While at first it was simply a picture and a paragraph, it grew to be a cross indexed piece about how it's all connected.

This is: not a webcomic in the traditional sense, and as such it does not have a traditional means of transversal. While i have provided next and previous buttons, the most interesting and most intended way of traversing the archives is the use of the connections.

This is: also avalible as a downloadable zip file for quick access and easy offline viewing. Check the support page for more information.

That's enough blathering for now. To get started, click "You haven't seen:" to travel to a random comic. If you don't see it, you have javascript disabled. Your best bet is to click the two small arrows pointing to the left, and start from the beginning. Enjoy.