About This is:.

Oh dear. Someone wants to know more about things. Well, i suppose i could tell you a few. Firstly, you might like to know that i am c.w. - and i barely ever capitalize my name, even when i refer to myself as i. Don't ask. This is: started out of my realization that i had completely quit drawing. Webcomicdom wasn't the first bit though. You see, i bought this black notebook, and i decided to take it everywhere with me (which i do, to an extent) and draw in it all the time. Eventually, i drew Mr. Dumbledorf, and gave him a little story. And then i did another. And then a couple others.

The funny thing about carring around a notebook with you is that people have the oddest desire to look in it. They go, "Oh, you are an artist!" in a tone that sounds slightly like they expect to open said book and find Napoleon-Dynamite-esque pictures of dragons riding unicorns fighting bears with their underwears on the outside. In any case, whenever they got to the few little drawings with little stories, they laughed. Eventually, this prompted my brother to say to me - "Hey, you ought to make a webcomic outta these!" And so i did, mostly because it forces me to draw at least two things a week.

And now you know, the rest of the story.

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