Comic Genesis Template Generator

The easiest way to get your comic up and running, not to mention looking halfway decent.

This website is meant as a way to help people get their comic up and running as quickly and easily as possible, yet still allowing some flexibility as to how the final product looks. To that end, it provides tools for the beginner and trys to help him along as easily as possible, but still allows extensibility so that the gurus can use this to slap stuff together quickly.

First things first - this site assumes that you have already gotten your Comic Genesis account up and running. If you need help with that, this article might be of some help, and if not, there's always the forums.


HTML code

Before we begin, let's look at how a webpage is put together. For a while now, webpages have been written in a thing called HTML. HTML started out as some simple little tags to designate what stuff was in a text file. Headings were marked with a heading tag, lists with a list tag, and so on and so forth. Problem was that it didn't exactly make things pretty - so someone figured out that you could use the table tag to make things look decent. Problem was it only made the end product decent - if you had to change around a thing or two it was a nightmare.

CSS code

Eventually, CSS was designed. CSS is a way to take simple HTML that isn't cluttered up with unneccicary tags and style it to look nice. It works (for the most part) wonderfully, for the simple reason that with it, HTML is doing what HTML does best, and CSS is doing what it does best.

This site is not a tutorial on HTML or CSS. It is a means to an end. If you want to learn HTML or CSS, i can reccomend They have very good guides to HTML and CSS. Eventually, that would be the best route to go. Remember that part about extensibility at the top? If you eventually learn CSS, you can change the entire layout of your site by changing one file. Sounds good, right? So let's get started already.

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