Javascript Repository

These scripts require the user to at least know some HTML, and some knowledge of how javascript works would be helpful. They have been cleaned up as best as i care to do right now, and should be carefully looked over and tested before deploying them.

Scripts should be kept together in workspace/webpages for them to work correctly, especially those that require another script. Downloading the scripts is the standard right click, save as affair. Installing them is usually a matter of opening them in notepad, then copying and pasting them into one of your optional pages. Ones marked install only merely have to be copied onto your site.

Comic List

This file is one that you maintain with the names and dates of your comics. Eventually, it may be superceded by an automated process, but for now it is manual. On its own it does not do anything, but it is required for a few of the following scripts. (Install only)

Get True Date

This script is required for some others because it gets the actual date in YYYYMMDD format, and sets it to a variable called truedate. (Install only)

Archive Builder

Comic list script required.

This is a script that is best installed inline in a unreferenced file somewhere, or even just kept on your hard drive. It generates an html archive from the comic list file. It simply generates it in a text box though - you'll have to copy it into your archive yourself. (For the html gurus, it generates an unordered list.)

Dropdown Archive Builder

Comic list script required.

Similar to the above script, this script uses the comic list script to build a dropdown version of your archive. Again, it generates copy and paste code to put anywhere on your site.

Future Item Hider

Comic list script required.
True date script required.

Install this at the bottom of your page, right before the ending body tag. This script will hide anything with the ID of a date of a comic that is greater than the actual date. It's useful if you have a large buffer and use the archive script, as if you update your archive with everything until the end of the buffer, this script will hide comics that haven't uploaded from the casual user.

Item Toggler

Call this file in the head of the document, and use javascript:toggle(ID) to toggle the visibility of whatever you want. For example, if you wanted to have a transcription, give it the ID transcription, set it's CSS display to none, and make a link that calls this.