Gone through the generator and the FTP tutorial, but still feel lost? These links might be able to help.

Generator History

Hopefully, as the generator progresses, i'll remember to keep a changelog and some old versions here. Not every version, but hopefully the milestone versions that incur large changes. While it's partially for you, it's mostly for me. I'll also keep plans for new versions, but keep in mind that new versions may be months away.


Past Beta 4

The generator is looking pretty nice, so the next project will be to revamp the CSS section, which hasn't really been rebuilt from the very earliest version. I'll probably change the layout to just a single wider section instead of having two side by side. I should probably finish up a few more templates.

v1.0 ?

I'm not sure when i'll call v1.0 - but it won't be a big change from right now. Basically, if i do some rigorous testing and i'm fairly sure that i won't need to change the HTML of the generated pages anymore, v1.0 will essentially be a feature lock. If i wind up wanting to change the html, i'll put a link to v1.0 someplace promenent and call it v2.

While i have a few ideas for some features, i'm not really motivated to implement them. Stuff like a generator for cast pages and the likes, or a custom CSS generator.

I'm not real sold on a CSS generator because the designs would be fairly limited, since you couldn't change background pictures. While i can see the demand for a cast (or whatever) page generator, it sort of belies the idea i had in the beginning, which was to provide fairly frilless templates that were easily customized.


Old versions