Hello, My name is _____.

Here's an example of how I think comics are a lot like movies. Now that I look at this page for the umpteeth time, I notice panels 4 and 5 should be switched. It's a Speilberg thing - show the reaction, then show the cause. The other thing that I notice is that the top panels don't seem to attract enough attention - for some reason once I finish panel 1 I want to stare at the junction of the gutters of panels 1, 2, and 6. Maybe that's just me though.

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[woman stands in doorway, confused]
[salesman puts Card 1 in pocket]
[salesman pulls Card 2 out of pocket]
[Card 2 is illedgibly smeared]
[salesman looks at card with fear in his eyes]
[salesman looks sheepishly at the woman]
[woman slams the door on the salesman]