Hello, My name is _____.

You've noticed by now that the sound effets are handwritten. They get worse later on as I was running out of time, and on the one hand, I'm glad I did them by hand - I have a weird thing about computers. I fix them, I know plenty about computer graphics, but I have this aversion to using them in art that I don't really understand. It just seems wrong when I computer color or clean up inking or even add text digitally (which I normally concede because my writing is illegible).

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[The salesman hands the woman an envalope]
It can all be yours
[The woman squints at the envelope, which has the word price written on it]
[She reaches for her glasses]
[she opens the envelope]
for the low, low price,
[he smiles]
[she frowns]
of 699.95!
[she throws him out and slams the door]